Bunny Chow:

An absolute South African Classic. 

 Taking the huge Bunny Chow and making it more elegant

Taking the huge Bunny Chow and making it more elegant

I don’t think there is anyone on the Southern Tip of Africa that doesn’t know what a Bunny Chow is. Even though it originated from the Indian Community on the east coast in Durban, you will see this monster of a meal being served all over the country. 

There are disputes about the precise origin of the ‘Bunny’ but its creation dates back to the 1940s where it was sold during World War II in Rhodesia. 

Migrant Indian workers, who arrived in Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa to work in the sugar cane plantations, required a way to carry their lunches to the field. A hollowed out loaf of bread was a convenient way to transfer their vegetarian curries, meat curries came later. 

It was also believed that a loaf of bread was a suitable replacement for the lack of the traditional roti and was a perfect accompaniment for curry. 

 For the Vegetarians 

For the Vegetarians 


Now the facts are out the way! Let’s get into the cooking and eating!

There is only 1 way and its to get MESSY!! 


Click on this link to get the perfect Durban Inspired recipe. 



How to eat:

- cut a full loaf of bread in half, take out the centre of the loaf and full it with your delicious curry. Use the inside dough you pulled out to soak up all the juices. As you eat the curry ( with your hands) tear the sides of the loaf off and use that for further juice soaking and to help you eat the curry. ENJOY!!

 Chicken Bunny

Chicken Bunny


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